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Start with a square piece of paper at least 6 inches across. It should be different colors on the two sides, preferably orange and pink. Also, get a piece of yellow paper, some glue or paste, and a black crayon!

Fold the paper in half, and unfold, making a crease.

Fold the top edge of the paper to the crease made in step (1).

Now it looks like this.

Turn the model over.

Fold the two short edges into the middle of the model.

Fold and unfold the bottom corners to the gap at the middle of the model.

Fold and unfold the bottom edges to the creases made in step (5).

Inside reverse fold ("tuck in") both bottom corners along the creases made in stop (6). (We show one being tucked in here.)

Open the bottom flaps as far as they will go to form the wings.

Fold bottom corner up to round the bottom of the model.

Your model should now look like this.

Turn the model over.

This is how the back side should look now.

Pinch the top corners to form the "horns".

The finished model.

Decorate the model by drawing on the details and gluing on the eyes.

You're all done!

Origami designs by Joseph Wu. Joseph Wu is webmaster of The Origami Page and a member of the Japanese Origami associations Origami Tantei Dan and Nippon Origami Association.

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Did you know? The blade of a figure skate is not flat on the edge that touches the ice, but concave, so that the skater is actually skating on two very thin edges.

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