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Start with a square piece of paper at least 6 inches across. It should be different colors on the two sides, preferably purple and pink. Also, get a piece of yellow paper, and a black crayon!

Fold the paper in half.

Fold the top layer in half upwards, and unfold.

Fold the top layer up so that the crease made in step 2 lines up with the top edge of the model.

Fold the top right corner down to touch the crease made in step 2.

Fold the left edge of the model right to touch the flap made in step 4.

Inside reverse fold the hidden corner.

Fold the corner behind.

Fold the corner behind.

Fold the corner behind.

Your model should now look like this.

Turn the model over.

Swivel fold (fold the top layer over, pulling some of the next layer along with it).

Swivel fold.

Fold the top left portion over all the layers, swinging the corner of the paper out from underneath.

Swivel fold. (This little fold is hard. Look at the next picture. Skip it if you can't get it, it will be fine anyway.)

Wrap the point around and tuck under the flap.

Fold the top right corner down.

Now the back looks like this.

Turn the model over.

Fold the flap behind.

Draw on a mouth, wing feathers, and little foot. Paste on a big yellow eye.

You're all done!

Origami designs by Joseph Wu. Joseph Wu is webmaster of The Origami Page and a member of the Japanese Origami associations Origami Tantei Dan and Nippon Origami Association.

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